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Antony Scott
Whoop Hall Country Leisure Club


Member Retention Software

LeisureMost Member Retention Software is an optional addition to our Membership module, which aims to identify those members most at risk of cancelling their membership.

It then provides an opportunity to make contact in order to keep members coming back and ultimately increase member attendance at your leisure centre, gym or sports club.

The retention software analyses a number of key criteria for each member, which are known indicators of member loyalty and interaction with the club.

Analysis includes:

  • Number of days until the expiry date of their current contract
  • Number of days since their last visit
  • Visit pattern over the last 6 months
  • Age of the member
  • Number of days since the last contact by staff
  • Type of staff contact

From a combination of these factors the total risk is calculated and converted into a percentage, which is displayed for action by staff members.