quotestart...In particular their after sales support has been excellent.quoteend

Antony Scott
Whoop Hall Country Club

Leisure Software Support

At LeisureMost we pride ourselves on the quality of support that we provide, and one of the reasons that we still have active customers since when we were established in 1991.

There are a several levels of support that we provide and all are included in our annual support package. There is also a member's area of the site where contains an FAQ, optional downloads and a user feedback facility.

Most support issues can be resolved over the telephone by one of our support technicians at the point of contact. However, with your consent our technicians are able to remotely connect to your PC and investigate your query as if they were sat at your desk.

It is very rare that we have to visit your site to support your system, but of course if it is necessary we will do so.


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